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Director's Report November 2015

Director's Report November 2015.

In this month’s report I think it is important to touch on the correct thoughts and actions involved with warming up, prior to your matches and or training sessions. Upon attending a recent workshop at the National Tennis Centre with Dr. Mark Kovacs, it was pleasing to hear the value put on warming up correctly and without rushing through a series of exercises. The vital piece of information for all to understand is to ensure you do the exercises no matter what they are, with the correct technique involved and displayed. Identify how long you have to complete at least some of a warm up and ensure your exercises are relevant to what you are going to do. If you know you only have 5 mins to warm up identify the exercises most valuable to you and do them correctly to maximise their value. Whether you are a social player, competition player or higher level tournament player it is worthwhile to adopt your own specific warm up routine and turn it into a habit. I have seen many players on tour use the medicine balls and Swiss balls as well as the Thera – Band and some are done exceedingly well but some are rushed and not a lot of purpose, hence no matter who you are ALWAYS good technique to maximise your results! Good luck!!

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