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Lifetime Player Pathway

Lifetime Player PathwayImagine Warren has joined Hot Shots in 2016 as a 4 year old.

Over the next couple of years as he learns and develops he will start to take part in Hot Shots Holiday Camps, before he moves up to the Saturday morning or afternoon Hot Shots League competition when he turns 6.

In 2020 Warren turn 8 and takes the next step up to Junior Coaching classes. He is pretty good for his age, so later in the year he joins the Friday junior competition, while he also does a few private lessons to help with his game. At the suggestion of his coach, 9 year old Warren plays his first tournament in the 9 & under round robin event in the 2021 Peters Junior Development Series.

Between the ages of 10 and 14 Warren continues to play both the Friday Junior Comp and many of the 40+ junior tournaments held at Boroondara each year. During this time his tennis improves greatly and he trains regularly in the Tennis Academy training squads.

By 2026 Warren is concentrating on playing Australian Ranking tournaments to earn himself a national ranking. He plays tournaments all over the state, but he loves coming back to Boroondara for his ‘home’ events. He reaches the quarter finals of the 30th Annual Hudson Bond Manningham Championships.

Over the next few years Warren still has a few one-on-one private lessons and plays tournaments including more of the Open AMT prize money and Ranking points tournaments.

After an injury, Warren takes a step back from tennis, but after a few years he decides to get back into playing with a few friends from work. Together they decide to join one of the Mixed Night Competitions. Warren is pretty rusty so before he starts playing competitively he joins the Adult Group Coaching for a term to get back up to speed. The skills come back quickly, but the fitness just isn’t there, so Warren joins in a few Cardio Tennis sessions whenever he can fit them in.

It is 2036 and 20 years since Warren first began at Boroondara.

Warren and his friends continue to play night competition on and off for many years. They also enjoy getting together every week or so to hire a court for a social hit in the evening after work.

It is 2070. Warren has retired and his back isn’t what it used to be. He still loves a hit, but prefers the slower pace and social atmosphere of the Social Round Robins, where he can catch up with old friends and meet new ones over a coffee and a good game of tennis