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2015 Hudson Bond 20th Manningham Championships (JT Gold). 0

Saturday 31st October to Tuesday 3rd November, 2015

Gold Series Junior Tour Tournament (JT) 

Boys & Girls 9s round robin plus 10s, 12s, 14s and 16s singles and doubles events

Australian Ranking Points on offer for the 12s, 14s & 16s singles and doubles events 

  Click here to visit the Hudson Bond 20th Manningham Championships Page & view acceptance lists 



Hudson Bond 20th Manningham Championships - Additional Tournament Notes:

  • Tournament Update - Monday 26th October
The tournament referee, Jenny Brougham, has now updated the tournament online after completing all of the doubles pairings.  

We would ask that all players please double check their entries and doubles partners carefully now.  If you believe there are any errors with your entry please make sure you advise us BEFORE Wednesday.

At this stage we plan on releasing the draws and schedule on Wednesday afternoon.

Other points to note:
 - B16 will be main draw singles only, however 3 rounds of losers will feed into consolation.

 - All Australian Ranking points singles events without a qualifying event will start on Saturday. These events are B16, G16, G14 and G12.

 - As this is only a 4 day event, in order to fit in the matches better B14 and B12 will play all 3 rounds of qualifying on Saturday.  There may be a reduction in the match format to allow for this extra   play.  You will be advised of this either in the next email or on the day of play.

 - Some doubles events will start Saturday.

 - Due to entry numbers there are players needing a partner in B12, B14 and B16 doubles.  If you would like to play in any of these events please let us know by email.

  • Tournament Conditions
    Click here to download a copy of the full tournament terms and conditions
  • Players & Parents Please Note -  Before you enter please take the following points into account:
    This tournament will be played accross multiple venues.  The Boroondara Tennis Centre will be the primary tournament venue.  The supporting venues will be confirmed closer to the start of the tournament, once we know the final entry numbers.  These proposed supporting venues are listed below.  Unfortunately we will not know ahead of time which age groups will be scheduled to play where or when during the tournament. This will only be known once the entries have closed and we know the relative entry numbers and draw sizes for each event.
  • Players can enter 1 singles and 1 doubles event.
    Singles and doubles may be in different age groups, however only 1 of these may be an AR event. For example, players may enter the 10s singles and 12s doubles, but not the 12s singles and 14s doubles. 

    PLEASE NOTE: If you enter singles and doubles in different age groups you may be scheduled to play at different venues.
  • Early Bird Entries & Late Premium Entries
    For 2015 we have received permission from Tennis Victoria to offer limited late entry for our Junior Tour (JT) tournaments.  

    These late entries will be only be accepted online for up to 48 hours after the official scheduled close of entries, which is always 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the tournament.  Please note, however, that all late entries will have a higher ‘premium’ entry fee.

    Please also note that the tournament entries will not be extended prior to the official closing date.  Instead the entries will be allowed to close, then reopened within 12 hours and kept open for no longer than 48 hours after the official closing date.  

    We will also be offering Early Bird entries for these same tournaments, where players have the opportunity to save on their entry fees if they enter online more than 3 weeks prior to the official closing date.

    Summary of Tournament entry fees
    •  Early Bird Entry (more than 3 weeks prior to the official closing date - entries made before 26th September )
    - $45 Singles
    - $22 Doubles

    •  Regular Entry (during the 3 weeks leading up to the official closing date - entries made between 27th September &17th October)
    - $52 Singles
    - $26 Doubles

    •  Late Premium Entry (48 hours after the official closing date - Strictly closing at midnight 19th October)
    - $62 Singles
    - $31 Doubles 

    Please note that Early Bird and Late Premium entry fees only apply to the Australian Ranking Points events (12s, 14s and 16s age groups)  All remaining non-points events will have unchanged entry fees of $45 for singles and $22 for doubles.
  • BreakPoint Analysis Match Filming
    BreakPoint Analysis will again be here on site at Boroondara filming at the 2015 Hudson Bond Manningham Championships. BreakPoint Analysis is the only service that allows you to view footage of your matches in a tournament environment. Using advanced technology, they film, analyse and give you easy access to your footage to help you improve. All matches are automatically recorded and are all saved indefinitely, ready to be purchased at any time. Visit their website at for more info.
  • Tournament Withdrawals
    All tournament withdrawals must be made in writing to  For withdrawals on the day of play, please ensure that you also phone the tournament officials at the Centre on 9850 1175.

    Refunds of entry fees are made strictly in accordance with the 
    Boroondara Tennis Centre Tournament Refund Policy.   No refunds will be issued without a written notification of your withdrawal, and for the purpose of issuing refunds, the date we receive your written notification is the date you are considered to have withdrawn from the tournament.  

    It is the player's responsibility to be aware of the withdrawal procedures and to ensure that any withdrawal notification or medical certificates are received by the Tournament Director.   Supporting medical certificates must be submitted to the Tournament Director before the conclusion of the tournament. 

2015 Hudson Bond 20th Manningham Championships Tournament Venues (To be confirmed)

 Boroondara Tennis Centre

 Phone: 9850 1175 (during tournament) or 9850 4500 (before tournament) 

Address: 150 Bulleen Rd, Nth Balwyn, 3104 

(Mel:32 D 10 )

Kiosk available every day

Ringwood Tennis Club

Phone: 9870 3337 

Address:Jubilee Park, Greenwood Ave, Ringwood, 3134 

(Melways: 49 H 10)

North Ringwood Tennis Club

Phone: 9879 9395 

Address:246 Warrandyte Rd, North Ringwood 

(Mel: 49 J2)